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Classic style service trucks have been a mainstay for the HVAC, plumbing, electrical, home improvement, construction, utilities and many other applications for years. The enclosed service truck takes that value to a new level.

These bodies give you the value and features of the classic service body, while offering a secure and protected work space. Most of these bodies are equipped with industrial door locks and weather-proof doors. These features keep intruders and the elements out so your tools and supplies are well protected.


Much like the classic service body, these enclosed bodies offer side accessible storage compartments. These compartments offer easy access, as well as an organized storage area both both supplies and tools.  It’s never been easier to remain organized and productive while working in the field.

Every business’s work needs are different and in order to meet these unique needs these bodeis are highly configurable. Our staff are trained work truck professionals and will help you get the properly configured truck that fits for your specific work needs. Call us today.

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